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Built in 1892, this house will charm you with its history and beauty. The architecture is worthy of the greatest houses of New England. Staying at the Beauséjour Inn will allow you to immerse yourself in history inside a remarkable and unique architecture in the region.

The past owners fell in love with this century-old house and decided to turn it in an inn. Abandoned since 2000, this magnificent residence was doomed to demolition.

Historically, the house has been successively owned by two businessmen, who both became mayors of the town. The building being large, premises were rented to the city health unit, which moved there. Later, it was sold to the community of Brothers of Christian Instruction, and then converted into a home for the elderly by its second to last owners before it turns into an inn.

Since 2002, the Beauséjour Inn offers a unique welcome. Erected in the heart of Amqui, this century-old establishment will transport you back in time, while offering you today's amenities.

Regarding the inn, note that it is the perfect stop for lovers of both the countryside and the finer things in life. Relaxation and good food are waiting for you.

New owners have chosen to take up the torch of this lovely business in the summer of 2020. Passionate about customer service and concerned with preserving this historical site, the owners are motivated to offer the community and visitors a warm, dynamic and authentic gathering place.

They bring a modern touch to this magnificent building in the city of Amqui, in the Matapedia Valley. Through the next years, you'll notice several continuous improvements to keep this lovely inn up to date.

Discover our inn

In order to pay tribute to the history of the building, we have taken care to preserve authentic elements in each of our rooms and at the restaurant. Whether it's a mirror or a dresser, you can enjoy that unique original touch during your stay.

Each one of our rooms has an authentic personality, you just have to discover them.